Brain Freeze Challenge Rules


  • A Cabin on King representative will start the challenge with a stopwatch and let you know when you have  won the challenge.

  • You may not leave the table once the challenge has started.  You can stand up or stretch if you wish but may not leave the table’s side.

  • You must eat the entire Brain Freeze, including anything that falls on the table, in less time than the current winning time.  You must eat the Brain Freeze entirely by yourself.  Any help at all will disqualify you.

  • You must use a utensil to eat the Brain Freeze.  We have various size spoons for you to choose from.  You cannot use your bare hands.

  • You are allowed to drink beverages with your Brain Freeze during the challenge.

  • If during the challenge you get sick, or need to leave the table to barf, you will be immediately disqualified.

  • Participation in this contest is strictly voluntary and of your own free will. By participating, you agree to hold harmless to Cabin on King and its representatives for any and all damages to you and/or your property while participating in this challenge. By participating, you agree that we may use your name, likeness and or photo, without remuneration, in our marketing, including but not limited to: printed materials, social media and our website.


The cost of the Brain Freeze Super Sundae is $39.95, unless you finish, then it is free.


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